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4 Compulsory Questions Asked to Gynaecologist

Examination of pregnancy is very important to support the health of mother and baby. By doing the examination at Pregnancy Clinics Singapore, you can detect early health problems that endanger the baby in the future. Pregnancy checks are recommended to begin early in pregnancy on a scheduled basis. World Health Center, WHO recommends that every month of pregnancy check up from the first pregnancy while entering the age of 28 weeks, it is recommended to check one month twice to four times closer to the age of delivery. For those of you who will conduct an examination to a gynaecologist or midwife, is expected to actively ask questions that can help determine the development of the fetus and your health.


In order for a visit to the doctor to be truly useful, please complete the question. Here is the list of questions.

– How old is my pregnancy?
Usually, the doctor will determine from two parameters. First from the first day of last menstruation, and from ultrasound examination. By knowing, the date of the first day of the last menstrual period (especially if the regular menstrual cycle), doctors can determine the age of pregnancy more precisely than the mother who forgets the date. For mothers who forget, will be used ultrasound examination.

– What checks should I do?
Blood tests are recommended in early pregnancy, such as routine blood checks (HB components, platelets, leukocytes and hematocrit). This is to determine the status of the mother in early pregnancy in a laboratory, either the state of the lack of blood (anaemia) or the presence or absence of infection since it is commonly frequent urinary tract infections in women.

– Is my pregnancy normal or there are abnormalities?
With a benchmark of gestational age and ultrasound examination, the first possibility that should arise is the presence of a pregnancy bag. If the bag does not develop according to the age of pregnancy and no fetus is found in it means there is an abnormality called empty eggs. Another example at 6-7 weeks gestation, also through ultrasound examination, fetal organs should be able to be seen as a whole although not yet detailed. The absence of a fetal heartbeat may mean there is a conception death.

If known to have a cyst with a diameter of more than 5 cm the mother will generally be observed during pregnancy. If the cyst is enlarged will be surgical removal at the beginning of the second trimester (around 15-16 weeks of gestation). Cysts that are left feared will be enlarged and twisted so it can disrupt the growth of the fetus.

– What supplements should be consumed?
Doctors will encourage mothers to take folic acid at the age of the first three months before pregnancy or at least during the early trimester. The goal is to prevent the occurrence of congenital defects in the fetus (Neural Tube Defect).